quinta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2013

Janosh e sua bela arte


A leap from the edge, a dive into the deep - immersed in a world full of mysteries and secrets. It is your soul exploring a physical world, trapped in a body of vulnerability and limitation. Your soul chose to experience something, but the purpose of the journey is not clear anymore. The question: 'Who am I?,' makes you feel as if you are in the dark, although you did not begin this adventure unprepared. You supplied yourself with a unique gift, an intuitive feeling to enable you to find your goal. Now it is time to make contact with that gift. Fears, blockages, uncertainties; having them is normal, because each journey knows its dangers. Please do not be tempted to analyze, over and over again, all the behavior patterns you have learnt; just accept they simply exist. You will be able to let go of those patterns when you have journeyed a little bit further on your path. You are a traveler without a map, curious about the unknown and equipped with a compass that is aligned with your purpose in life. The frequency of Gift helps you connect with your ability to recognize the path to your dreams, so that you can achieve them.

Reference: Janosh website: www.janosh.com

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